Kathryn and Tyler’s Wedding

Kathryn and Tyler knew exactly what they wanted and every last detail was absolutely perfect.  Their ceremony took place in Egan Chapel at Fairfield University and was followed by a beautiful reception at Race Brook Country Club.  Kathryn and her girls were stunning in their dazzling gowns; the guys were equally cool!  Special thanks to Pete Cohen for shooting second with me.  Here are some of my favorite shots of the day:

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Kelly and Justin’s Wedding

Wickham Park was the perfect backdrop for Kelly and Justin’s wedding.  They are a really special couple which was clear from their first look to their last dance.  Lisa (Creative Concepts by Lisa) and her team’s attention to every last detail made this a truly spectacular day.  Special thanks to Carl Samartano for shooting second with me.  Below are my favorite images:

20150918_2911-Edit20150918_2154 20150918_2209-Edit KJ-Details120150918_2265 20150918_2291 20150918_2474 20150918_2490 20150918_2502 20150918_2510 20150918_2523 20150918_2530 20150918_2549 20150918_2584-Edit 20150918_2611 20150918_2704 20150918_2715 20150918_2725 20150918_2732 20150918_2744 20150918_2747 20150918_0687-Edit20150918_2806 20150918_2889 20150918_2923 20150918_2940 20150918_2951 20150918_2995 KJ-Details220150918_3080 20150918_3169 20150918_3348 20150918_3351 KJ-Details320150918_3497 20150918_3521 20150918_3651 20150918_3773

Elizabeth and Bobby’s Wedding

Elizabeth and Bobby’s wedding day was perfect in every way.  There were married in St. James Church in Stratford, one of the most beautiful churches in the area.  The ceremony was followed by a fantastic reception at Race Brook Country Club.  They were so much fun to work; here are some of my favorite images:

20150926_5896 20150926_5900 EB-Details-120150926_6074-Edit 20150926_6086 20150926_6133 20150926_6178 20150926_6180 EB-Details-220150926_6279-Edit 20150926_6286-Edit 20150926_627820150926_6341-Edit-220150926_6370 20150926_6409 20150926_6417 20150926_6518 20150926_6531 20150926_655720150926_6828 20150926_6844 20150926_6888-Edit 20150926_6986 EB-Details-320150926_7054 20150926_7074 20150926_7125 20150926_7236 20150926_7305 20150926_7533 20150926_7538 20150926_7557 20150926_7671 20150926_7749 20150926_7844 20150926_7889 20150926_7896 20150926_8004 20150926_802720150926_7127-2

Jacqueline and Scott’s Wedding

Jacqueline’s fabulous day started at the Salon with all the primping one would expect.  The weather was simply perfect for Jacqueline and Scott’s outdoor ceremony at Race Brook Country Club where every last detail was perfectly planned by Robin Grande.  Family and friends celebrated with non-stop dancing and fun!

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Kati and Tyler’s Engagement

Kati and Tyler chose Fort Tryon Park in New York City for their engagement shoot and with 65 acres to explore, there was no shortage of amazing locations.  They were lots of fun and up for everything I threw at them.  Despite the heat, we managed to cover quite a bit of ground.  Needless to say, I was blown away by this park and couldn’t wait to share some of my favorites images.   Special thanks to Laura for helping with lighting and details!

20150712_8036-Edit20150712_798320150712_8221-Edit 20150712_8219 20150712_8212-Edit20150712_8430-Edit20150712_8153 20150712_8115 20150712_8104 20150712_8065-Edit 20150712_8038-Edit 20150712_8029KTDetails120150712_8022 20150712_8003 20150712_789020150712_8316 20150712_8307 20150712_829420150712_7866 20150712_787520150712_8390 20150712_834420150712_7935-Edit20150712_843920150712_849420150712_8531

Katie and Paul’s Wedding

The warm weather arrived just in time for Katie and Paul’s wedding.   Every detail was perfectly planned and St. Mary’s Church was just stunning!  Katie and Paul are simply an amazing, loving couple!  Here are some of my favorite shots…


Jacqueline & Scott’s Engagement – The Gingerman

Jacqueline and Scott first met at the Gingerman in Norwalk so it was the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot.  The management allowed us inside for some private shots prior to opening followed by some street shots…  Jacqueline and Scott kept it fun!


Katie and Paul’s Engagement Shoot – Lyman Orchards

Perfect doesn’t begin to describe a crisp fall day with an amazingly fun couple at a fantastic apple orchard.  It seemed like everyone in the entire state decided to pick apples but Katie and Paul took it in stride.  The folks at Lyman are simply the best and Criag the Orchard Manager went out of his way to make this the perfect engagement shoot.  And who could resist a train car….




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Ashley and Ian’s Wedding – Harbor View at Cove Marina

Their theme was the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” from “Back to the Future” but who knew Ashley, Ian, and their guests would need to literally push back the water.  We managed to get past the first look and ceremony without rain but fifteen minutes into the cocktail hour, the rain started.  First rain, then heavy rain, then torrential rain and hurricane force winds. There were some scary moments but everyone held it together.  Through the collapsed tents, fallen tree, and wet dance floor, Ashley and Ian laughed it off and kept spirits high.  Once the sky cleared, things returned to normal.  With every storm there is often a rainbow and we managed to find one!

20140906_774220140906_7743 20140906_7816AI-Details2
20140906_7835 20140906_792120140906_8347
20140906_8020 20140906_8031 20140906_8033 20140906_8067 20140906_8157 20140906_8162
20140906_8341 20140906_8429 20140906_8430 20140906_850620140906_8645
20140906_8540 20140906_8548 20140906_8554 20140906_8618 20140906_8668 20140906_8757 20140906_8774 20140906_8793 20140906_8944 20140906_8963 20140906_9019 20140906_9022
20140906_9078 20140906_9103 20140906_9174 20140906_9204 20140906_9209 20140906_9255 20140906_9397 20140906_9454 20140906_9590 20140906_8865

Venice, Italy

On our recent vacation in Italy, I had occasion to capture some wedding shots at Piazza San Marco.  So much fun…


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