Ashley and Ian’s Wedding – Harbor View at Cove Marina

Their theme was the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” from “Back to the Future” but who knew Ashley, Ian, and their guests would need to literally push back the water.  We managed to get past the first look and ceremony without rain but fifteen minutes into the cocktail hour, the rain started.  First rain, then heavy rain, then torrential rain and hurricane force winds. There were some scary moments but everyone held it together.  Through the collapsed tents, fallen tree, and wet dance floor, Ashley and Ian laughed it off and kept spirits high.  Once the sky cleared, things returned to normal.  With every storm there is often a rainbow and we managed to find one!

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  • Lisa Antonecchia

    What an amazing night- Morther Nature let us know who was boss certainly. But as the Wedding Planner I was beyond honored to be with this amazing couple, such grace under pressure, and they NEVER stopped smiling and laughing and the vendors showed what professionals truly do! Nick you and Carl were tremendous and DJ Tim was as well I love that the vendors I recomnded were there to support and love this couple during this incredible night-

    Nick you rock! Congrats to Ashley and Ian I adore you both!

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