Kathleen & Joseph’s Wedding

What a fabulous day!  Kathleen and Joseph’s wedding took place on a super warm but beautiful day.  Amazing people and so many details to capture; here are some of my favorites…

Kathleen and Joe’s Engagement

Yes, it was a crisp if not cold day but we finally caught some foliage.  Kathleen and Joe managed to keep each other warm and we powered through the shoot.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

Ally and Lloyd’s Wedding

It was my pleasure to spend a beautiful summer day with Ally and Lloyd and to capture their wedding.  Every part of their day was perfectly planned and detailed, from the Hummel Family Recipe Maple Syrup to the vintage Nova.  Ally and Lloyd were simply awesome to work with but I must admit there were moments I was preoccupied with all the beautiful children.  Below are some of my favorite images!

Meagan and Joseph’s Wedding

Meagan and Joseph are a beautiful couple who were always relaxed and flexible.  We watched the weather all week before the wedding and the forecast improved each day.  Although we had a few dark skies; the weather held long enough for all the outdoor shots and the ceremony.  From the first look to Gulf Beach, there were many surprises and touching moments as these two amazing families came together.

Samantha and Cherif’s Wedding – The Riverview

Samantha and Cherif and their beautiful family made this day even more special with an extra helping of pure joy.   Everything was perfect and even the weather cooperated to allow for some special first look moments on the Old Drake Flower Bridge.  Cherif had one rule, do what I do and I sure did…   This day was also powered by Creative Concepts by Lisa who always delivers in every possible way.  Special thanks to my second shooter, Peter Cohen.  Below are some of my favorite shots:

Ally & Lloyd’s Engagement – Lock 12, Cheshire

Historic Lock 12 in Cheshire provided the backdrop for Ally and Lloyd’s engagement.  These guys were all fun and they were really patient during some of my more artsy moments.  I should also mention Ally and Lloyd were completely fearless considering all the edges where I had them perched. 

Val and AJ’s Wedding

The Riverview was the perfect backdrop for Val and AJ’s Wedding.  With every detail exquisitely managed by Lisa @Creative Concepts by Lisa, the only thing left to do was enjoy the amazing day.  Val and AJ braved the steep walk to the river and the humidity so we could capture some beautiful images.  Doug @SuperSoundProductions provided the amazing lighting!  Here are some of my favorites:20160819_5718 20160819_4419 20160819_4487Details-VAJ120160819_4277 20160819_4604 20160819_4629 20160819_4631 20160819_4634 20160819_4733 20160819_4753 20160819_4863 20160819_4865 20160819_4883 20160819_4894 20160819_4959 20160819_4964 20160819_5119 20160819_5160 20160819_5175 20160819_5178 20160819_527320160819_5342 20160819_5349 20160819_5365 20160819_5382 20160819_5407Details-VAJ2 20160819_5445 20160819_5484 20160819_5486Details-VAJ3-B 20160819_5513 20160819_5518 20160819_5523Details-VAJ4 20160819_5608 20160819_5638 20160819_5643 20160819_5672 20160819_5837 20160819_5887 20160819_5895 20160819_6003 20160819_6004 20160819_6009 20160819_6036 20160819_6121 20160819_6348

Adrienne and Joey’s Wedding

What a beautiful wedding and fabulous couple!  Adrienne and Joey had unlimited energy and patience; they are just awesome.   As always, Robin and the Race Brook team did an amazing job; special thanks to Elliott for his help on the course.  It was hard to choose but here are some of my favorites:

20160709_0924AJ-Details120160709_0880 20160709_0923 20160709_0927 20160709_0942 20160709_0948 AJ-Details220160709_1034-Edit 20160709_1104 20160709_1131 20160709_1144 20160709_1187 20160709_1207-Edit 20160709_1267 20160709_1317 20160709_1324 20160709_1327 20160709_1344 20160709_1398 20160709_1428-Edit 20160709_1450 20160709_1462 20160709_1482-Edit 20160709_1496-Edit 20160709_1505 20160709_1510 20160709_1539-Edit 20160709_1601 20160709_1624 20160709_1631 20160709_1724 20160709_1735 20160709_1752 20160709_1758 20160709_1774 20160709_1810 20160709_1843 20160709_189320160709_1951 20160709_2090 20160709_2149 20160709_2150 20160709_2151 20160709_2169-Edit 20160709_2174 20160709_2189 20160709_2196 20160709_2207 20160709_2210 20160709_2248 20160709_2378 20160709_2393 20160709_2413 20160709_2428 20160709_2461 20160709_2485 20160709_2492 20160709_2534 20160709_2845 20160709_2936 20160709_2942 20160709_2988 20160709_3070 20160709_3100 20160709_3117 20160709_3172 20160709_3177 20160709_3264 20160709_3307 20160709_3330 20160709_3366

Valerie and AJ’s Engagement

Val and AJ braved the wind and cold during our engagement shoot at Harkness.  This park is spectacular any time of the year and Val and AJ kept it fun.  Here are some of my favorites:

20151121_974820151121_974920151121_975420151121_008020151121_007620151121_0004 20151121_0011 20151121_9747-EditVAJ-Details-120151121_0027 20151121_0043 20151121_9712 20151121_9725 20151121_9786 20151121_9829 20151121_9836 20151121_9848 20151121_9852 20151121_9878 20151121_9912 20151121_9921 20151121_9943

Alexa and Jonathan’s Engagement

A spectacular fall day, an historic trolly bridge, and an awesome couple; what more can you ask for!

20151101_9199 20151101_940920151101_9203 20151101_9215 20151101_9238 20151101_9242-Edit 20151101_9244-Edit 20151101_9267 AJ-Details20151101_9313 20151101_944120151101_9338 20151101_9359 20151101_923920151101_9447-Edit 20151101_9466 20151101_9483 20151101_9519 20151101_9562 20151101_9592-Edit 20151101_9601

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