Katie and Paul’s Wedding

The warm weather arrived just in time for Katie and Paul’s wedding.   Every detail was perfectly planned and St. Mary’s Church was just stunning!  Katie and Paul are simply an amazing, loving couple!  Here are some of my favorite shots…


Ashley and Ian’s Wedding – Harbor View at Cove Marina

Their theme was the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” from “Back to the Future” but who knew Ashley, Ian, and their guests would need to literally push back the water.  We managed to get past the first look and ceremony without rain but fifteen minutes into the cocktail hour, the rain started.  First rain, then heavy rain, then torrential rain and hurricane force winds. There were some scary moments but everyone held it together.  Through the collapsed tents, fallen tree, and wet dance floor, Ashley and Ian laughed it off and kept spirits high.  Once the sky cleared, things returned to normal.  With every storm there is often a rainbow and we managed to find one!

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Venice, Italy

On our recent vacation in Italy, I had occasion to capture some wedding shots at Piazza San Marco.  So much fun…


Shannon and Rahsaan’s Wedding – St. Clement’s Castle

If you take away the amazing venue, the beautiful dress, and all the other details that made this the perfect wedding, the one thing left is Shannon and Rahsaan’s deep love for one another.  This was evident in one of the most amazing first look’s I’ve had the honor to photograph.  Shannon and Rahsaan’s passion is undeniable as is their love of family .  Special thanks to Lisa (Creative Concepts by Lisa) for planning another perfect wedding.  Here are a few of my favorite images…

Michael and Steven’s Wedding – The Riverview

Michael and Steven are a truly special couple with an incredibly loving family and some amazing friends.  Together with Lisa (Creative Concepts by Lisa), Wedding Planner extraordinaire, every last detail was meticulously planned and executed.  It was my honor to be part of this fabulous wedding and celebration.

Jes and Chris’ Wedding

Below are some of my favorite pics from Jes and Chris’ wedding.  These guys were so much fun!

Becky and Phil’s Wedding

Perfect day, beautiful location, and an amazing couple…

Colby and Chris’ Wedding – Race Brook Country Club

The wedding of Colby and Chris was my last of the year and it was fantastic.  Their First Look was very sweet and we were able to capture the moment under some beautiful golden light on the veranda at Race Brook.  It was such a pleasure working with Colby and Chris; they were sooooo much fun.  Special thanks to Carl Samartano for shooting second with me.  Below are some of my favorite pics.


Amy and Greg’s Wedding

Amy and Greg were married in Chatham, Massachusetts on beautiful Cape Cod.  Everything about this wedding was perfect; and they made it look so easy!   Congratulations to a very special couple..  Below are a few of the first pics, many more to come.

Sabrina and Josh’s Wedding

What an awesome day; Sabrina and Josh were a blast and the Glastonbury Country Club was just beautiful…


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