Zion National Park

I arrived at Zion National Park before dawn. It was still raining but lighter than yesterday; flash flood warnings were in effect for Zion and the surrounding area. Except for the occasional passing car, I was literally the only one in the park. As the sun began to rise, I could see the snow-capped mountains of Zion draped in haze. No words or pictures can begin to describe this park.

The intermittent rain continued most of the day but I shot non-stop (except for a late breakfast at the Zion Lodge). As I made my way up the canyon mountain pass, the sides of the road were covered in snow; the view was spectacular! Zion spans an area of over 147,000 acres; a small fraction of this can be viewed from the road. I did my best to see as much of the park as possible but Zion has many hidden secrets; some of which I hope to visit tomorrow.